About Us

"For the Greater Good"

Our slogan, "For the Greater Good," embodies a profound understanding of human behavior and the complexities of morality. It acknowledges the intriguing and often perplexing reality that even individuals who commit actions society deems as evil often do so under the belief that their actions are ultimately serving a higher purpose. This slogan serves as a reminder of the intricate interplay between intention, perception, and consequence.


By adopting the perspective encapsulated in "For the Greater Good," we acknowledge that human actions cannot always be reduced to simple dichotomies of good and evil. Instead, it prompts us to delve into the underlying motivations and contexts that shape individuals' decisions. This introspective approach encourages empathy, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of the diverse range of factors influencing human behavior.


The slogan encourages us to consider the broader impact of our actions and decisions, emphasizing the importance of striving for outcomes that benefit not only ourselves but also our communities and society as a whole. In doing so, we recognize the potential for positive change even in the face of actions that might appear morally ambiguous or contradictory.


In a world where ethical dilemmas and conflicting viewpoints are commonplace, "For the Greater Good" challenges us to look beyond surface judgments, engage in meaningful dialogue, and work together towards solutions that promote genuine well-being and progress for everyone. It encapsulates a commitment to thoughtful consideration, collaborative problem-solving, and the pursuit of a better world – a world where actions, no matter how complex, are driven by a shared aspiration to create positive and lasting impact.


FALMARAN, established by artist and designer Nin Umeh, is a gender-neutral fashion label located in Los Angeles, CA.
FALMARAN (noun): Vest
Since 2021